Cosmetic Dentistry

When we look good, we feel good.

Your smile can say a lot about you. It is one of the first things that people notice about you. So naturally, you want it to be radiant and confident.

We understand that a healthy smile can boost your confidence. Which is why we offer top quality cosmetic dentistry services, so your teeth are not just healthy but also more aesthetic.

Our cosmetic dentistry services – Your first step to a bright new smile:

  • Teeth Whitening – Think your teeth are not white enough? Our teeth whitening and polishing treatments will give your smile just the kind of makeover it needs.
  • Unhappy about your gums and the shape of your teeth? We are able to offer effective gum and tooth reshaping services.
  • Natural-looking veneers – As you age, your enamel can look dull and worn out. Your eating habits can also affect the natural colour of your teeth. But don’t worry. We can make your smile sparkle again.
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“I couldn’t recommend enough Dr Manuela Ciaschetti. She is incredibly professional, talented and she always suggests the best treatment for the patient. She is my dentist since years, I followed her to Inverleith Dentalcare because I trust her fully, and I would never change her experience and competence for another dentist. For any treatment or just for a valid opinion I would totally ask of her expertise at Inverleith Dentalcare, which is a nice, clean and well located clinic.”

Emanuela Gatto