Your team at Inverleith Dentalcare have introduced an amazing digital technology – intraoral scanning devices.


Most people hate the thought of having messy moulds which are essential for many dental procedures such as teeth models, teeth straightening, crowns and bridgework, dentures and many other lab-made appliances. However, thanks to scientific advances this is now being superseded by exciting digital technologies. Impression free dentistry is here at last.


Imagine coming to your dentist and instead of a tray of wet moist impression material which takes minutes to set you can avail the latest state of the art 3D digital colour tooth scanners. Machines which film your entire mouth to accurately generate a virtual model of your teeth. This allows the practice to maintain a permanent digital record of your teeth so that if you break or lose a tooth, your digital record allows a precise reproduction of your original tooth – provided it was in a presentable state to start of with! This is a much more precise way of capturing data which allows the dentist to also prepare your teeth with a high emphasis on conserving irreplaceable tooth structure. You may have noticed that your clinicians now use high magnification with special drills and instruments to allow the most precise work possible. This part of our continued commitment to help support you to maintain a “lifetime of happy smiles”.

So how does it work?

The scanners take 100s of high-definition images a minute using a wand which is moved over your teeth to recreate a virtual movable rendition of your teeth. This can be manipulated to allow you to home in areas where you might want to see more detail such as cavities on the biting surface or cracks on your teeth. Whilst this does not replace x-rays, it will make it much easier for you to visualise the issues that the clinician might be alluding to on the x-rays. Again, we continue to improve on how we can best collaborate with you for your dental care so that you can make the best decisions based on clear advice from your dental team. This will help you to address problems earlier and hopefully avoid catastrophic issues which can be more difficult to address as well as more costly!

For clients undergoing teeth straightening, digital design software allows you visualise potential final outcomes before you even start your treatment. This ensures that you are aware of what you are committing to when undergoing treatment.

If you have further questions on how this impression-free technology will benefit you, please do not hesitate to speak with your dentist or therapist.