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Dentist Testimonial
“After years in mixed practice I was growing increasingly frustrated that I could not give my patients the dentistry I wanted to produce, day in day out. I enjoyed taking my time and providing high quality work as well as a wide array of cosmetic work.I felt I had to have the environment to do this all of the time in order to both care for both my own professional standard and for my patients alike.This is why I chose to look at fully private dentistry.Was I skilled enough? Could I meet the standard of care which often demand higher fee’s and higher expectations?That was the main reservation however I quickly realised that the quality of work is also coincidental with the time and care you can take with treatments. It has become so much more enjoyable doing the work which I would have previously thought was stressful. I now have sufficient time to provide bespoke plans and think through all my treatments in so much more detail – more importantly, comprehensively.  This of course means quality is higher and results are more predictable and patients are happier.
The rapport I was able to build with patients given the time I had to explain and educate their dental problems meant stress was massively reduced when discussing treatments. This is huge. This rapport and trust mean expectations are realistic and so treatments become easier, less stressful.I have more time and the best materials to ensure I mitigate against any pitfalls and difficulties.The support from all the staff is always exemplary, the values we share as a team are widespread throughout and are always incumbent in everything we do. The support means we can express our personal interests in dentistry into the work we do. A focus on quality rather than quantity and an environment and network of support to allow me to focus on areas of dentistry which internet me most.I mention income last. I have seen my income almost double within my first year in private practice. This is not because I am doing more or carrying out expensive treatment plans. This is only because of the support and personal development and time which has enabled me to be rewarded with appropriate fees. With the enjoyment of my dentistry now, the reduced stress and vision for the future, the finances have become far less important than they were when I was on the treadmill of high volume, high stress dentistry previously.”Dr Omar AliAssociate @ Inverleith Dentalcare

“Had an excellent visit at Inverleith Dentalcare. From the very first telephone conversation with Darren to my visit with Chris & Laura. They all took the time to run every detail through with me and go through all options of treatment available to me. I’m quite a nervous dental patient and they really helped me to relax and be at ease. I can definitely recommend this surgery.”

Cristina Razmilovic