Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh

Sometimes, unpredictable and unexpected incidents can happen.

emergency dentist in edinburgh

You may have knocked out or chipped a tooth in an accident, or you may be writhing with toothache. This can cause pain and distress, and upset your daily routine.

We offer emergency dentistry appointments.

Simply contact us on 0131 552 4830 to book an appointment.

Out of hours? One of our dentists is always on call ready to help – whatever the hour.

We will do everything we can to resolve the problem and have you back to full oral health.

“After a lot of pain, I was asked to look for a dentist in the Trinity district of Edinburgh. The reception was excellent and I could have an appointment in 24 hours. I was received by Dr. Chris FOWLES who reassured me. Indeed, I am French and everything has been done and explained so that I feel good. Everything went perfectly. I would like to thank all the staff of the firm for the quality of the services I received during my professional stay in Edinburgh. Dr. FOWLES has managed to make me forget my fear of dentists”

Michael Weick