Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

Passionate about prevention over treatment

dental hygienist in edinburgh

We strive to provide you the best dentistry possible and want you to enjoy the full benefits from this.

This is the reason why we put so much emphasis on hygiene and maintenance therapies. Maintaining good oral health prevents not just tooth decay, but also gum disease, staining and bad breath (halitosis). It goes beyond brushing your teeth twice a day. This is one of the most important services we believe we offer our patients that in the long term prevents the need for future treatments.

Beautiful, healthy-looking teeth start with a good oral hygiene routine.

Hygiene appointments: Four separate cleaning processes

During a hygiene appointment, we carefully clean around the teeth and gums, removing any build-up of dental plaque or calcified plaque. This involves a thorough ‘scale & polish’ which includes 4 separate cleaning processes:

  • Deep debridement using an ultrasonic scaler
  • Fine scaling by hand (if necessary)
  • A prophylaxis polish
  • Interdental stain removal

“I cannot praise Charlotte highly enough. I am quite an anxious patient and usually dread my 3 monthly appointments with the hygienist. However Charlotte very quickly puts you at ease and makes the whole process pain free. She is meticulous and really takes her time to ensure that she does the best possible job and gives relevant advice about maintaining good oral hygiene.”

Val Sargent