Sparkle and Shine in Edinburgh

The teeth polishing service that will put a smile on your face.

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Coffee, tea, a glass of red wine. They’re simple indulgences which we should all be able to enjoy without having to worry about what they can do to our teeth.

Unfortunately, they do leave their mark resulting in stains that can be impossible to remove with normal brushing. If you’re a smoker, there’s no hiding the tell-tale sign of your habit on enamel.

There’s also the much wider effect staining will have on your overall appearance and confidence, with the potential to leave you feeling self-conscious.

Healthy gums, healthy mouth

Our dental hygienist Charlotte recommends Sparkle and Shine polishing service – a “quick, effective fix” that will help put the sparkle back into your smile.

It is an effective air-polishing system that thoroughly cleans and freshens up your mouth and teeth. It is minimally invasive, removing stains quickly, softly and gently, without damaging the enamel or the structure of teeth.

During the procedure, a water jet directs Flash Pearl cleaning powder over teeth, rolling it over the enamel to remove stains. The granular structure of the powder means it thoroughly cleans difficult-to-access areas that a toothbrush would struggle to reach.

Brilliant results

During treatment, Sparkle and Shine will also safely remove plaque which, if left, can lead to gum disease and ultimately, decay and tooth loss. Although a good regular at-home hygiene routine will help, once it has formed tartar is too hard to be brushed away and has to be removed by a dental professional.

“Very efficient, very professional & incredibly reassuring when I was nervous! Explained everything as we went along & was always checking in to make sure I was doing alright! Really brilliant dentist.”

Lizzy Linklater