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dental implants in edinburgh

Dental implants are long term jaw fixtures that can be used to either support fixed teeth or provide further stability to dentures.

Whilst dentures are removable, an implant is placed in such a way that it replaces the natural root of the tooth. They are osseointegrated, which means they fuse with the bone securely, so there is no fear of them falling out.

Dental implants are now a mainstream treatment option. They provide a long term solution to replace missing or irreparable teeth without putting force onto your remaining natural teeth. They may be used to support the replacement of a single missing tooth, multiple teeth or a complete set if you have lost many or all of your teeth.

Dental implants can also be used to improve retention of a troublesome denture.

Dental implants are more than just replacements for missing teeth. They offer so many benefits:

  • They can boost your confidence, so you don’t have to hide your mouth when you talk or smile.
  • They help regain your self-esteem and avoid embarrassing situations where your dentures fall out or break when you are at an important meeting.
  • They are the closest you will get to having natural teeth, so your implant doesn’t look out of place in your mouth.
  • They provide improved comfort.
  • They help you to chew your food properly allowing you to maximise the nutrients that are extracted from the food.
  • They can improve the quality of your life by facilitating improved speech and eating, without you having to worry about your teeth popping out.
  • They require minimal maintenance but must be taken care of just like regular teeth, so good oral hygiene is mandatory.

Pure Titanium Implants

Imagine having the smile you had when you were in your 20’s restored. Imagine that the gums and teeth look so life-like that in most cases it’s difficult to know that they aren’t your teeth.

Imagine that the dentures support your lips and jaws so well that they make you look ten years younger. With the ability to help keep your dentures in place, implants provide a better source of stability and comfort.

Why choose Titanium Implants?

If you’re replacing a full arch or a full set of teeth then titanium implants are the best choice. Titanium implants are made in two pieces, so dentists are able to make any alterations to an abutment angle when needed, which helps smile lines look more natural. We specialise in all on 4 dental implants in Edinburgh, meaning the full top or bottom mouth teeth implants are supported by just 4 titanium implants.

They are strong, durable and lightweight.

We offer Swiss-made pure titanium implants from a company with an extensive and unrivalled record of research behind their products. So sure is this company about the quality of its product that it provides a lifetime warranty on its implants ( but not the surgery)

Zirconia Implants

Why choose Zirconia Implants?

For people who are concerned about having metal in their bodies, we offer Zirconia metal-free implants. These are biologically inert, and so pose no risk of interaction or allergies to the human body.

An inherent characteristic of zirconia is its white appearance, allowing it to mimic the translucent properties of a tooth, and serves as a natural complement to surrounding healthy teeth – which makes it a great choice for natural-looking dentistry.

Do they look better?

If you suffer from gum recession or thin gums, you might find that zirconia dental implants are more aesthetically suited to you. Titanium dental implants have been known to make thin gums appear grey, while zirconia implants are white and therefore manage to look more natural.

How durable are they?

Zirconia implants are known for being particularly durable, as they were specifically designed to be able to withstand a lot of force. When looking for a reliable dental implant system, strength and durability are attractive features. Undoubtably, this makes Zirconia the best dental implants in Edinburgh for those sensitive to metal or have allergies.

Dental Bridges

Filling the gap of missing teeth

A Dental bridge is a fixed solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth by using the teeth either side of the gap as anchors. It is fitted into place, meaning it doesn’t need to be taken out at night and shouldn’t be confused with dentures.

Bridges can be a great alternative to dental implants or dentures. For example, if the teeth either side of the gap are damaged, a bridge not only fills the gap, but also treats the teeth either side in the process.

Type of bridges

Full coverage dental bridge – the teeth either side of the gap need to be shaped.

Resin Retained Bridge – is the right option if your teeth are healthy either side and an implant is not an option. This is also a bridge that is glued in to teeth either side of the gap so no damage is done. It is a cost effective option.

“After many many years of suffering and fighting gum disease I arranged a consultation with Neeraj Puri to check out the possibilities and costs of having dental implants. Neeraj talked me through the procedures step by step and the costs. He recommended that I have all my top teeth extracted and that I would require 4 or 5 implants. I was really concerned about having all of my top teeth removed but Neeraj put me at complete ease and assured me that he would look after me on the day and would administer pain relief as necessary. After speaking to him I knew that I could trust him and although it was a daunting prospect I also knew that he would be the best possible person to carry out the procedure.

I am absolutely ecstatic to say that I had the implants last week and I have had a permanent smile on my face ever since. It has been life changing for me. My teeth look amazing and every time I look in the mirror – which is now often – I cry with happiness. I would like to thank Neeraj and every one of the team for their support throughout – Caroline a million thanks for designing the beautiful teeth and Neeraj two million thanks for making it a reality. I honestly can’t thank everyone enough.”

Patricia Huth