Effective 1 January 2025, the European Parliament has decided to ban the production and export of dental amalgam from the European Union (EU).   

Dental amalgam is a composite material used for dental fillings containing silver, mercury, tin, and copper. It has been a popular choice for dental fillings for over a century and you can recognise it if one of your fillings looks silver. However, the high mercury level in dental amalgam has caused concern among researchers and dental professionals, leading to debates about its safety and ethics as a dental material.  

Joseph Bell, an English chemist, invented the silver dental amalgam, also known as “Bell’s putty”, in the early 1800s. It quickly became popular in Britain and France and has since been used extensively for dental fillings. Dental amalgam is known for its metallic appearance, making it easily distinguishable from other filling materials such as composite resin, ceramic, or porcelain.  

Despite the widespread use of silver dental amalgam, the safety of dental amalgam has been a controversial topic for many years, which has effectively led to the amalgam ban and an increase in safe dental amalgam removal. The mercury content in dental amalgam has raised concerns about its potential health risks. Hence, scientists, researchers, and dental professionals are actively exploring alternative dental materials that could be safer and more ethical for use in dentistry compared to silver dental fillings. 


Amalgam-Free Dentistry at Inverleith Dentalcare  

In 2015, we took a decisive step towards reducing the use of traditional amalgam in our dental procedures. This decision was guided by our unwavering commitment to delivering dental care that aligns with evolving health standards and places the well-being of our patients at the forefront. 

2021 marked a significant milestone for Inverleith Dentalcare as we proudly declared ourselves completely Amalgam-free. This achievement underscores our dedication to embracing advanced, patient-friendly materials in all our dental treatments. 


What Amalgam-Free Means For Your Dentalcare 

Our decision to eliminate amalgam from our practice is a commitment to providing mercury-free dentistry. By doing so, we eliminate any potential risk of mercury exposure for our clients, ensuring their safety is paramount in every dental procedure.  

Embracing biocompatible alternatives such as composite resin and porcelain is our way of ensuring that dental treatments are not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing. Our materials prioritise functionality and our patient’s overall well-being, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional care.  

We understand our client’s diverse needs and sensitivities, offering metal-free options, particularly for those with sensitivities to metals. Many clients have sought our expertise to remove old amalgam fillings safely. Our meticulous protocols guarantee a safe removal process, minimising potential risks associated with amalgam. 


Get In Touch Today To Book Your Amalgam Removal

For any enquiries regarding the safe removal of silver amalgam fillings, please don’t hesitate to contact our lovely team by emailing us at info@inverleithdentalcare.co.uk or calling 0131 552 4830.


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